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Never Punish Yourself or Others for Failures

If you want to find success in various ramifications, be it in business or personal relationship, don't punish yourself or others for mistakes, or blunders, or failures, instead encourage yourself.

Kim Woo-Choong, founder and chairman of Daewoo, said, "One of my employee went to a casino and lost $10, 000 of the company's money which would certainly get him fired by a normal manager. I didn't fire him, but paid the money back to the company myself and gave him a second chance."

"Why didn't you fire me?" the employee asked.

"I've just spent $10, 000 educating you. If you have the confidence to beat a casino dealer, then I want you to use it to create business."

Use your failures to create success. You can only advance in life or business if you use your failure. People fail in life and business because they are ashamed of there mistakes, blunders, and failures-they hide it, ignore it, and cover it up by drinking, using drugs, and loads of irrelevant pastimes.

Things happen: people get fired, hearts get broken, marriages collapse, businesses crumble, fights take place, what really counts is "Will you punish yourself or encourage yourself?"

Like an expert said, "Those who seem to sail through life handle things quietly as they come up, while those who lurch from crisis to crisis flail about, make a lot of noise and expert somebody else to rescue them. They become victims of their fate, instead of masters of their domains."

When you fail, make mistakes or suffer disappointment, smile first, analyze next (perhaps you could write it down, discuss it with someone knowledgeable, research it, or just have patience until something comes up), then move ahead with your life.

The successful and happiest people on earth are those who are not frustrated by situations. It is just life, so never punish yourself or others for failures.

Bright Johnson, a money writer and researcher, is the publisher of

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