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What Kind of Leader Are You?

There are literally millions of words written and spoken each week on enlightened leadership yet the fact remains that low morale, high stress and job dissatisfaction continue to be three of the most serious problems facing the workplace. We seem to be so effectively socialized into top down leadership that we find it extremely difficult, if not impossible, to change our autocratic ways. All this in spite of the many workshops and seminars on new leadership paradigms which are rooted in the empowerment of people.

Change is both slow and painful but it is happening. To facilitate this process of change requires both desire and commitment plus a sound understanding of what an enlightened leader looks like. It is necessary to visualize the type of leader we are striving to become.


* values the ideas and opinions of others.
* listens attentively.
* affirms generously
* criticizes gently and privately.
* trusts the collective wisdom of the group.
* encourages others to achieve their enormous untapped potential.
* catches people doing things right.
* involves people in decisions which effect their destiny.
* keeps people informed.
* has a sense of humour.
* trusts the decisions of others.
* realizes that his/her opinion is just one among many.
* isn't threatened when people disagree with them.
* rejects the " my way or the highway" paradigm.
* cares about the total well being of those with whom she/he works.
* believes that the most valuable inventory of any business is people.
* seeks out and acts upon the advice of others.
* gives credit rather than takes credit.

These are a few of the characteristics of an enlightened leader which, if present in the workplace, result in decreased stress, improved morale and increased productivity.

It is in the best interest of any business to care about the well being of its employees.

Mike Moore is an international speaker/writer on Humor in the Workplace,Humor and Stress Management and Maximizing Staff Potential.

Mike Moore speaks throughout Canada and the United States on the physical and social benefits of humor. " Humor makes great things happen." MM

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