Thaitsuki Nihonto Samurai Swords: Leading The Way

So why are these swords so popular? There are several reasons but number one is quality. The Thaitsuki swords are handmade by trained craftsman in using a family method over 200 years old. Second, there is no other line of swords in the world that you can find at a price that the Thaitsuki swords sell for with the same quality. Thaitsuki Nihonto swords should be in a price range around $2000 and more.

There are several things about the Thaitsuki Nihonto swords that make them so special. As mentioned above the Thaitsuki swords are hand forged using a very old family method. They have been forging these high quality swords for collectors in Japan and all over the world. Whether you're looking for an authentic to hang on the wall or a quality sword to stand up to the rigorous cutting exercises of the dojo you won't find a better sword than a Thaitsuki sword. The most popular Thaitsuki sword that everyone seems to want is the Thaitsuki Hoso Kumiage

The Sivarat family is dedicated to quality and is not willing to do anything to jeporodize the reputation. Thatisuki swords are made using the highest standards and finest authentic fittings. Whether you choose the Musashi Katana with a high quality leather tsuki or the Hoso Katana with a genuine Japanese silk tsuka you can be sure that the quality and durability is second to none in the price range.

Japanese Swords 4 Samurai is one of Thaitsuki Nihonto's few selected dealers. We are proud to offer these swords to anyone in search of a quality samurai sword. You find a full line of Thaitsuki Nihonto Swords at our store.

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