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Druidic University:

Long before there was a Rome or Eternal City there was a Druidic University near Rennes-le-Chateau. Just as we saw Oxford University was built at the same location the Pheryllts (Druidic Alchemists like the Cabiri discussed by Lewis Spence) had a university you will find many locations sacred to the Kelts are usurped by Rome/Bruttii. Chartrés is one of the most intriguing of these sites. Rome made it a custom to build on the old cultures roads and churches or other sacred sites starting with Constantine and Heliopolis. I highly recommend Fulcanelli's Les Mysteres des Cathedrales if you can find it and if you are able to intuit code. Here is a little wisdom from a man who mentions Fulcanelli. The language of the region Saunière grew up in is in fact 'of Occamy' or Alchemy. It is Langue D'Oc (camy) or Languedoc. In fact the whole region is sometimes called by this name. When he mentions the Language of the Birds he is addressing the Bardic Troubadours of the Hibernian system. It is BRD and my last name.

Vincent Bridges is on the right track as he knows the Green Languages and the Language of the Birds which was originally BRD in vowel less script and symbols that became language or alphabets. Thomas Carlyle and his Cant is there too. Here is what Mr. Bridges says which ties Jesus into the forum of adept Hibernians or Gaedhils.

"It was also the "green language" of the Freemasons ('All the Initiates expressed themselves in cant,' Fulcanelli reminds us) who built the art gothique of the cathedrals. Ultimately the "art cot," or the "art of light," is derived from the Language of the Birds, which seems to be a sort of Ur-language taught by both Jesus and the ancients. It is also mentioned in the Sufi text, entitled "The Conference of the Birds," by Attar the Chemist. In de Tassey's French translation of this work, which Fulcanelli references, the "conference" of the title is translated as "language." De Tassey goes on to explain the complex linguistic metaphor beneath the simple fable. Fulcanelli uses the same method to decode the alchemical meaning of the cathedrals." (3)

The Sufi were allied with the Cathars and those Sufis who escaped the Crusade which the 'Hounds of hell' perpetrated upon them went to join the Bogomils in the Balkans where problems still continue and a Library/Museum was recently targeted by the US bombers. This library held their sacred books.


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