Choosing a Golf Swing Training Aid

Golf swing training aid clubs are a great way to learn how to swing your golf club correctly and more powerfully. There are many different kinds of training aid clubs available on the market and many different professional golfers endorse them. What do you look for if you would like to try out a training aid?

1. What am I trying to learn? You want to purchase a training aid that addresses the problem that you have with your golf game or swing.

2. What is my budget? Expensive does not necessarily mean better. You can try used golf training aids at a used sports store or try a less expensive option of training aid.

The Medicus Dual Hinged 5-iron swing trainer is one training aid available. It helps you learn how the correct swing feels so that you can translate it to your other regular clubs. It will help you to learn the correct tempo, timing, and club head position so that you will hit the ball straighter and further than before. Using this kind of trainer gives you instant feedback, as you will know when you hit the ball if you are doing it correctly. The hinge on the 5-iron is adjustable so you can adjust it to your specifications or even put it into your golf bag to use before a golf game to remind you what the correct swing feels like.

The main thing to keep in mind is that a training aid will need to be used consistently to be effective. Using it one or two times will not give you instant results. Learning a better way to swing will take consistency and hard work from you.

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