Why You Should Be A Risk-Taking Golfer

Very few people, whether they are golfers or not, realize that the mind cannot stand still. Even the most unobservant person's mind is continually receiving new impressions. In the course of a single round many of new ideas enter the mind of every golfer, possibly leading him to trying experiments, a change either of grip or stance, or, sometimes a deliberate attempt to slice or hook an iron-shot.

Every golfer is at heart a risk-taker.And I think that the risk-taking golfer has the best of it; he gets much more enjoyment from the gain when his risky experimental shots come off than does the timid golfer whose motto is safety first. And more than this: since the human mind cannot stand still, it is natural to theorize & take risk, and consequently, unnatural not to.For too long the risk-taker has been under a cloud; he has been the joke of his fellow-golfers, and he has been held up to ridicule & scorn by commentators "Nothing is constant but change!" That is very true of golf.

Just as the golfer's mind cannot stand still, neither can his play. Playing just a few rounds a year may leave you playing at the same level at the end of the year with no improvement in your game. A simple increase in the number of rounds played, and more time devoted to strengthening the weak points in your game, both physical & mental, and your standard will become higher. Of course, the reverse is also true: little play, little practice, and no work on the mental game, and down the standard slides, and up goes the handicap.

So make it a point to increase the number of rounds you play this summer while also working on the all important mental golf game. Locate area's that need improvement and work to strengthen them, and you will see a great improvement in your game.

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