How Many Articles Can An Author Write As An Expert In A Field?

More and more smart business people are finding the value of writing articles and putting them online in order to propel their expert status in their field. From this they develop a clientele base, which will patronize their businesses. One anonymous author has debated the number of articles one individual can write as an actual expert. Is there really a limit? Can it be possible to write 1000 articles on one subject? I believe it is possible and let me tell you why.

I started and founded a mobile car wash business, built it up and then set up franchises in 23 states, it took many years to do this. It took countless hours and along the way I encountered many experiences; each new experience each day could be summarized in a short story or article on the industry. This means after 20 years you could have, if you had kept track of all these experiences over 7300 articles; one for each day. Wow, well that is a lot indeed. Some authors and in particular a new critic of my article writing is, well let's just call him Ed as whoever it really is refuses to identify their true identity.

Now before you say that there is no way to write that many articles, let me point out where you maybe sadly mistaken. First in any business there are countless rules and regulations. Each regulation is many pages. The OSHA laws are actually 47 stories high if you were to stack them on top of one another; page-by-page. If each one were the an article then in fact you might have some

Each foot is 10,000 pages times 8 feet per story times 47 stories is over 3.5 million articles. That my friends is only one agency which governs the business world. What about the environmental laws, building codes, ADA, employment laws? In my car wash business we dealt with laws in 23 states plus the fed. Imagine how many articles one could write? A lot is an understatement.

So what is the upper limits of articles you can write on a business model? I say it is unlimited. It is not is not 50, it is not 500, it is not 1000 and it is not 7300; in fact it could be over 100,000 or half a million. In building my company, we had to write manuals for our franchisees. We could not make them too awfully complex as people would not be able to read them all. When I finished my set of manuals, which is needed to run a mobile car wash business; we had over 1000 pages, each one have a different topic or sub topic. Then I wrote manuals of how to clean boats, aircraft, trucks and concrete. Each over 500 pages; think about how simple the mobile washing business is? If you read books like the E-Myth you will see that the first step to take a business past step one is to systematize it, organize it and set up procedures which can be duplicated. Anyone who has done this in real life could easily write 1000 articles on the subject if they really set their minds to it and committed themselves to write it all down.

Moral of the story: Anyone who limits them selves in life to an artificial barrier of the mind, has in fact limited their potential. Are you limiting yourself? If so, why do you do that? Think about it.

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