Street Smarts Vs Book Smarts, What Does It Takes To Be An Entrepreneur

The latest series in "The Apprentice" features 2 distinct groupof candidates. One group, who are only high school graduates aretermed as "Street Smarts" by Donald Trump whereas, the othergroup are all college educated with some having MBAs and advanceddegrees. They were termed as the "Book Smarts".

What was revealed at the start was that the "Street Smart" groupwere mainly entrepreneurs and had a net worth 3 times more thanthe "Book Smart" group!

What this goes to show is that you do not need a college degreeto be an entrepreneur and rich. In fact, having a college degreemay be more of an impediment to being a successfulentrepreneur.

Why is this so?

For one thing, entrepreneurs cannot be conformist and stick "bythe rules" and college somehow tends to train people to stick "bythe rules". Entrepreneurs will always come up against obstaclesand will have to find ways around these obstacles, many times,unconventionally.

College tend to make graduates think in a similar fashion, hence,they tend to be highly trained clones with no personality.Entrepreneurs however know that they need to have their own USP,or "Unique Selling Proposition" to be successful and beingentrepreneurs, will find or create their own USP to make asuccess of themselves.

Entrepreneurs know that they need to think out of the box andcreate a niche for themselves as they do not have the resourcesto fight the big boys on their terms.

For college graduates, there is always the choice of going towork for one of the big corporations. For entrepreneurs, failureis not an option as they would not get very far in a bigcorporation without a college degree.

This is not to say that all college graduates are notentrepreneur material but that in most cases, getting a collegeeducation may not be the best route to being an entrepreneur asthe education system is designed to produce workers and notentrepreneurs.

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