Expand Your Resourcefullness!

The success and failure for the entrepreneur is largely dictated by the ability to gain access to resources, both personal as well as those of others.

So the big question is then 'how does one become more resourceful?' Like many of the skills of the entrepreneur, resourcefulness requires constant cultivation. However, if you can develop this one skill the payoff will greatly exceed the cost!

Below are 4 simple strategies you can put into practice to increase your resourcefulness;

1. Manage Your State.

The best way to gain access to an increased level of personal resources is by managing your state of mind and being. If you are feeling lousy, chances are the internal resources that you are able to tap into are going to be pretty lousy as well. If you are in good physical condition, well rested, fed and hydrated, your ability to push yourself towards the destiny you desire vastly increases.

Develop awareness around what pushes you into both productive and unproductive states. Then if you really want to be more resourceful, make the simple decision to do more of the things that inspire your productivity and less of the things that don't. One of the disciplines I personally follow, is exercising first thing in the morning before I do anything else. If I miss a day, the difference in my energy levels and consequently my resourcefulness is profound.

2. Seek Out Expert Resources.

Your ability to succeed in business is largely influenced by your ability to gain access to expert knowledge. The secret here is that you don't actually have to be the one that has that knowledge! You just need to be able to know when and where to find it.

Make a habit out of leveraging the experience and expertise of others. Meet with these people in person or access their knowledge through their books, CDs/DVDs, coaching programs and workshops if they offer them. You'll be amazed at the transformational effect it can have on your business.

3. Develop Relationships with Connectors.

Connectors are the very special people who seem to know everyone and who are described at length in Malcolm Gladwell's groundbreaking book 'The Tipping Point'. Chances are if you are experiencing any form of business challenge a connector will be able to put you in touch with someone who can help you. Connectors are resourceful purely due to their ability to tap into the resourcefulness of others. Their desire and willingness to share their resources can often have a profound impact upon the resourcefulness of those around them.

4. Share Your Resources.

If you want to gain access to the expert resources of others you have to be known as someone who actively shares their expertise, knowledge and resources. Remember that you are not in a school playground anymore. There are no prizes for keeping your toys to yourself!

If you are looking to develop an abundant existence through business, become someone who solves other people's problems. Brainstorm ways you can continually increase the number of people you impact in this world, charge a fair price and then watch your business take off!

The true benefit of resourcefulness

When you are fully engaging your resourcefulness and actively engaging the resources of others, you will become a magnet of opportunity. People, projects and funding will increasingly gravitate towards you and before you know it, your business aspirations will start to manifest!

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