Internet Business Model For Selling A Single, Unique Product

An e-book is a single, unique product. It's unique because no 2 authors can write exactly the same book since it will contain each author's own knowledge, personal experiences and other things not known to the other.

When you have a single, unique product, you can sell it directly off your SINGLE-PAGE web site. You want this page to focus on selling this single product. There'll be NO other links on this page except to your ORDER FORM.

Your main objective is to make the Prospect do one thing and one thing only - DECIDE whether to buy your product or not.

To achieve this goal, your web site will answer 4 simple questions in your Prospects' minds:

1. Why should I buy this PRODUCT in the first place?

Show the BENEFITS that will go to HIM if he does.

He doesn't care what you think of it. He only cares what he can get out of it. If the benefits listed don't appeal to him, you'll have no sale. It doesn't matter how well you answer the next 3 questions if this first question is not answered.

If you've done a good job here in his mind, he'll then ask the next question.

2. Why should I buy it from YOU?

If your product appeals to him, why should he buy it from you and not somebody else with a similar product?

You can do this by:

a) Demonstrating that YOUR product is really different

Describe some of your contents that you know are not in your competitors' books. If it's different enough, you have a higher chance of being chosen.

b) Proving that you have CREDIBILITY

Show your experience and qualifications. You can also include testimonials from your previous customers. Verifiable testimonials (those with web site addresses) have greater weight than those that simply states some initials and a place (for example, "J.R., Texas").

3. Why should I PAY you what you want for it?

Prove to your Customer that your product is worth $1,000 to me, and I may pay $1,000 for it. However, tell me thatyou're willing to accept only $50 for it, and yourcustomer's buying decision has just become easier.

This is called the "bargain" factor - and it's used all the time by savvy Internet Entrepreneurs. Of course, the VALUE your Customer is getting MUST be what you said it is, otherwise it wouldn't work.

4. Why should I buy it NOW?

This is the final hurdle. Your Customer must be compelled to act NOW. If there's no urgency to buy from you when he's at your web site, he'll likely take his time to decide.He'll think, "I'll come back to this site later" - but almost always he won't. This is the case because there are usually other more important things occupying his mind than the thought of buying your book from you.

When he leaves without buying, you'll usually have lost him as a Customer. Thus pressuring him to act WHILE he's at your web site will increase your conversion rate.


Your Killer Sales Letter must answer the above 4 questions very well for you to have any chance of a sale.

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