Suicide Prevention: 12 Universal Laws

The Law of Permanence

Suicide is always a permanent solution to a temporary problem. Always. Even if it doesn't look or feel temporary, it is. Also, you don't get to come back. You don't get to see how many people attend your funeral. It's permanent.

The Law of Hope

There is always hope, if you are alive. You just have to look for it.

The Law of Seriousness

Always, always take any threat, mention, or even veiled comment about suicide very seriously. Even if you really think it's just drama or manipulation. Why? Because if you are wrong, the margin for error is zero.

The Law of Warning Signs

Here's just a partial list of warning signs that someone is contemplating suicide:

threats or talk of suicide or wishing to be dead
changes in mood, energy, enthusiasm
appearance of depression, moodiness, withdrawal
increasing isolation
cutting or otherwise injuring themselves
abusing drugs/alcohol
giving away possessions
saying goodbye to friends and family
recent loss or disappointment (job loss, relationship breakup, etc.)
family history of suicide
recent suicides of friends, family, or role models/heroes/idols
previous suicide attempts

The Law of Romeo & Juliet

The popular movie, "Romeo & Juliet", was just that: a damn movie! The stars, Leonardo DiCaprio and Claire Danes, are still alive, working on their next movie, for more money than most of us will make in our entire lifetime. Suicide is is not cool and it is not romantic.

The Law of Choice

If you are thinking that killing yourself is your only choice, THINK AGAIN! There is always a better choice and a better way, if you are committed to looking for it and finding it.

The Law of Aftermath

The aftermath of suicide is not pretty. As someone who has been helping clean up the emotional mess left behind for 20 years now, I can tell you this: the emotional pain and damage is devastatingly real, deep, and lasts forever.

The Law of Selfish

Because of the law of aftermath, the act of suicide is ultimately an incredibly selfish act. The hurt and pain caused is enormous.

The Law of Pleasure & Pain

Because most of us tend to move toward pleasure and away from pain, we need to connect people to the real pain of suicide and increase their connection to the pleasure in living, in whatever ways possible.

The Law of Community

Never try to handle a suicidal person by yourself. Get help, get others involved, don't take it all on yourself.

The Law of the Lie

Suicide doesn't take away the pain.... it multiplies it. It multiplies it times 100 and gives it to everyone that loves you, likes you and cares about you.... And there are people who love you, like you, and care about you.

The Law of "Second Wind"

In his song about considering suicide himself as a teenager, Billy Joel sings "don't forget your second wind." He stuck around long enough to get his second wind, and seems to have done alright for himself. Remember to wait for your "second wind", or third, fourth, or tenth wind, whatever it takes.

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