Debt and New Spirituality

Overcoming the stigma of being in dept, grow in self-confidence and regaining ones own centre and balance again, is easy in the new energies. This is all about being true to yourself, what we have been doing in the past is buying into other peoples beliefs and concepts.

In the new energy the Self is strong and we realise that no one can make us feel bad and down unless we buy into that idea ourselves. All possibilities are open to us in every minute of every day. We choose what to allow our mind to dwell on. If we are not enjoying what we are thinking: change you mind about it.

Stop thinking about what you don't want, your fears and expectation and start to imagine what you do want, focus on what brings you pleasure and joy. The Universe's guiding system is to step into joy and happiness in each step on the path to evolution.

Remember that recovering the money from the dept is the lenders problem. The reason you may have got into dept is that you were doing a job you do not enjoy. Think clearly what your life's purpose is, what you came to this planet to achieve during this lifetime.

Is what you are doing taking you towards that goal? If not, choose again, and as you step back into your life's purpose see the Abundance flood in. Feel the joy and happiness expand and all your problems melt away.

Remember the world is as you are: If you are feeling strained and tense, there is strain and tension in all you do. If you are feeling relaxed and happy these qualities spread all around you.

This is a process of letting go. Let go of your past, release your fears and start to dream and imagine what you want. Focus on what would be perfect for you at this moment, Focus on that which brings you feelings of joy and happiness.

Feel the Abundance come around you and support you as soon as you change how you are feeling. Look for things you can praise and appreciate in nature and the joy of just being alive.

Release your self from the bondage of money. Just take a note out of your pocket and find someone who has less than you; express your abundance in that moment of giving, then see your life change.

Release the hold money has over you, look for ways you can just be of service to others and mankind. Know that money has no value except the value we give to it, with our thought and beliefs. Release that energy back into the universe and see how you feel. Feel the strands of bondage being removed as you grow in awareness of your own inner source of abundance.

Start to smile again and radiate joy wherever you go. Share what you have within you with all around you. Give from your heart and express freely that love you have within your soul. Then watch your life change and all the abundance flow back to you.

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