Getting What You Want Most From Other People

Very often in relationships we do not seem to be able to get the one thing we want more thananything else - the approval of other people. In fact the more we want it the more difficultit can be to turn the situation around.

Typical approaches include withdrawing fromother people so that only those who are reallyinterested in you will make the effort to getto know you. The other person takes on all therisk of rejection and you risk not havingsomeone make the effort to approach you.

Emotionally what you really want is for theother person to like you or to approve of youas you are. In effect you project wantingapproval and that is what you get - morewanting approval! This is because what you give outcomes back to you in this world. Howeverthere is a better way!

It is possible to let go of wanting approval ifyou know the right questions to ask yourself,then you will be able to release the needinessand instead feel your own approval of yourselfwhich then causes others to reflect that acceptanceback to you.

Ask yourself, which would I rather have,wanting approval or having approval? Askthis question again and again even for up toten minutes at a time and you will find thatyour feelings shift and you will feel betterabout yourself and less attached to gettingapproval from other people.

Test this for yourself when you are alone aswell as when you are with other people. I findthat my breathing changes and I start to feelmore at peace within minutes when I use thisapproach. Enjoy!

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