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Giving Yourself the Right to Write

"But I've only been on the Internet 3 months! How can Iwrite an article?" That was my reaction back in 1999 when Ibegan my online career and heard that writing articles wasthe key to bringing targeted visitors to my website.

But I went ahead anyway and wrote my first article. I soondiscovered that writing articles is the quickest way tobuild your reputation as an expert in the world of onlinemarketing.

So don't wait for someone else's permission - start writingarticles and grab your space in the limelight.

Here are some other mental blocks and how to deal withthem:

(1) "I don't where to start". Start anywhere - it doesn'tmatter where. Putting words on paper is like planting aseed in your subconscious. Your mind will go to work on itwhile you're busy doing other things: while you're driving,while you're sleeping, while you're doing the dishes.Suddenly, out of nowhere, will come the next idea. That'sthe power of the subconscious and the power of puttingwords on paper.

(2) "I don't know how to finish". Again, it doesn't matter.Just write and the conclusion will come to you of it's ownaccord.

(3) "It's just an idea". This is another mental trap - thefear of turning ideas into reality. Look around you andrealize that every skyscraper, every ocean-going liner, andevery symphony was once "just an idea".

(4) "I'll do it tomorrow". Tomorrow never arrives. Giveyourself a deadline. Imagine that your article must befinished within the next 12 hours - you'll be surprised howmuch you get done!

(5) "My article will be a flop". This is a big one - fearof failure. It's much safer to never try. But remember,with every article you write you are one step closer todeveloping your own unique style, your "voice". In thatsense, you can never fail.

(6) "I can't get it right". Some times you simply can'tfind the right words. Turn off your inner critic and justwrite. When you have something down on paper, you havesomething to work with. But you can't work with somethingthat remains an idea in your head.

(7) "I can't sort out my ideas". The easiest way toorganize your article ideas is to use a technique thatmirrors the way the mind works. This technique is calledMind Mapping. We are taught in school to use lists toorganize our ideas. But lists are linear and the minddoesn't think in a linear fashion. You can find out moreabout Mind Mapping at:

Good luck with your articles! And remember - writingteaches writing.

Michael Southon has been writing for the Internet for over 3
years. He has shown hundreds of webmasters how to use this
simple technique to build a successful online business. Click
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