The Creativity Creed

I believe that creativity is a natural order of life itselfand it provides my life with the purest of energies.

I believe there is an underlying creative force infusingthroughout my life.

I believe that when I open my creativity, I am opening theCreatorâ??s creativity.

I believe creativity is part of my destiny and just asimportant as all living things.

I believe creativity is my Creatorâ??s gift to me. Using mycreativity is my gift back to him.

I believe expectation of a fulfilling life attracts withpowerful changes when I allow creativity to flow through mybeingness.

I believe it is safe for me to discover my own creativityeven if it sets new paths not yet discovered.

I believe as I move more towards my creative self, I movetowards my own divinity.

I believe I am worth the time it takes to create whatever itis I am to create.

I believe I have the right to have all the creativity Ideserve.

I believe that when I allow my creativity to flow throughoutmy life, I tap into the source of all that there is and allthat ever was.

I believe that the time I spend creating is as precious asanything else in life.

I believe that as creativity gives to me, so does shedeserve from me all my faith mindfulness and commitment.

I believe in my creative self.

I believe in me.

(c) Copyright, Catherine Franz. All rights reserved.

Catherine Franz is a writer and author of over 1800 publishedarticles and several books on various business subjects.

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